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[#] Sat Oct 28 2006 23:33:52 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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so who's up for a ritual cleansing in toluene?

[#] Sat Oct 28 2006 23:39:46 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Only if we can pour it on a rag and inhale it!

[#] Sun Oct 29 2006 01:39:14 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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that's *only* for chloroform

[#] Sun Oct 29 2006 04:42:08 EST from Magus @ Uncensored

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How about adding nitrogen in a few places?

[#] Sun Oct 29 2006 16:30:56 EST from nadia @ Uncensored

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we've already got enough of that

[#] Sun Oct 29 2006 19:28:42 EST from Curly Surmudgeon @ Haven BBS

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Oct 26 2006 5:22pm from Magus @uncnsrd (Uncensored)
Oct 26 2006 9:10am from curly surmudgeon @dogpound2 (Dog Pound BBS II)

many women perform some kind of ritual cleansing of their hands and
with acetone.

WhoaO! Curly learns something new about the females of our species,

post .jpgs!

Unable to tell whether you're being serious or not, I'll bite. Acetone
is the
primary ingredient in most nail polish removers.

Thanks. Now post .jpgs. And use a wide-angle lens...

[#] Sun Oct 29 2006 19:37:20 EST from Curly Surmudgeon @ Haven BBS

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Oct 29 2006 4:30pm from nadia @uncnsrd (Uncensored)
we've already got enough of that

I think you're talking about methane.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 01:34:55 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Oct 28 2006 11:33pm from nadia @uncnsrd
so who's up for a ritual cleansing in toluene?

donate your liver, and then we'll talk?

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 04:36:47 EST from harry @ Uncensored

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MMmmmmm Chopped Liver !!! ;-)

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 11:13:02 EST from nadia @ Uncensored

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soaked in toluene?

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 11:16:24 EST from nadia @ Uncensored

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alas curly, none of the 3 females i know on this coast partake in the aforementioned ritual cleansing. someone more industrious than i could surely sneak a picture or 2into the window of one of the many nail salons in nyc. you can't walk more than 2 blocks in manhattan without passing one.

and don't forget the concept of the "sport manicure". does that involve nail polish?

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 11:25:00 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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I have funky acrylic nails.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 11:34:23 EST from nadia @ Uncensored

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so tril can supply the footage

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 11:37:40 EST from LoanShark @ Uncensored

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Curly is a foot fetishist?

And we're discussing this in Food)?

I just lost my appetite ;)

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 13:05:05 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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i have gel sport nails

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 13:07:03 EST from mosephine @ Uncensored

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girty - what the hell are those?!? i have never heard of such things.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 13:15:25 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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It's an affliction that happens to a lot of people who play this popular game in Charlotte, NC, where you dress up as a supermodel and attempt to do various acrobatics.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 13:49:48 EST from girthta @ Uncensored

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Sport- just means they are cut shorter than Ghetto Fabolous nails. I get mine done that way to support my crafting and camping lifestyle.

Gel- it's an alternative to acrylic nails. They are more durable because they have a little bit of give to them whereas acrylics just say "fuck it" and break. They are also more natural looking in their "nekkid" state (w/o polish) They are slightly more expensive but worth it.

There is another alternative- Silk nails. Don't go there. Much more expensive and definitely not worth it. Pain in the ass, takes twice as long and even more fragile than acrylic. (don't get me started on "glass" nails. why bother?) 

I have fake nails because my natural nails are soft and "noodley" (not in a cute, Ninja way) and, as fleeb can attest *glare* easily broken. When I quit smoking I rewarded myself by taking the money I was spending on cigarettes and used it to get my nails done instead. It's still cheaper and I can breathe. 

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 14:05:19 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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She directs that glare to me because of some not-so-nice things I used to do to them, before she started using faux-nails.

Hold your two hands up to your face, with your index fingers touching each other.

Now, make sure that the nails of your opposing index fingers are touching each other on the tips.

Try to wedge one of those nails into the other, such that you cause the other nail to 'split' (bottom and top parts).

Imagine my sister's bitterness when she figures out what I'm up to.

[#] Mon Oct 30 2006 17:49:58 EST from nadia @ Uncensored

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nothing like a little brotherly love

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