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[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 15:45:54 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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dubious honor, isn't it[

[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 15:50:09 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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You're going to blow my arm?

[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 15:56:34 EDT from Grey Elf @ Uncensored

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Yup. Going to blow it, with my fist. :>

[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 19:59:36 EDT from Groo the Wanderer @ Uncensored

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I finnaly got my shipment of Dr. Pepper today.  The originaly recipie of Dr. Pepper, with Sugar instead of that nasty corn syrup.  Which in my opinion is why so many people are becoming diabetic.  I have no way of proving this, it is just a feeling.  Anyhow for the most part I gave up soda and fast food since feb 2005.  Unfortunatly I've had to fall back and eat fast food due to the fact that I travel alot everyday and we tend to not have time to do anything else.  Now I remember when I was a kid and I enjoyed soda.  But nowadays soda kinda sucks arse.  So I'm curious if it is because of the corn syrup.  This is kind of a treat.  I waiting for them to cool right now and I'll post my verdict.

I'll probably not go back to soda full time, but once in a while it might be nice.


I remember when going to a fast food restaurant was considered a treat, nowadays it's like common place and for so many people it is an everyday thing.


[#] Thu Oct 19 2006 20:07:40 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Yayyy!!! Good for You!!! It really is better.
Was that from Dublin or Abiline by any chance?
Two different bottling plants, same family owned, who did
and still do stand up against the "high fructose corn syrup"
changeover in the late seventies/early eighties.

[#] Fri Oct 20 2006 03:36:43 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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so nice living in a country that doesn't have an obsession with corn syrup.

 Unfortunately, I only really rarely drink non-diet.

I drink diet maybe 6-8 cups a week, and sugared maybe 1-2 cups a month.

I got a mineral water cooler, and I drink mostly mineral water. 

[#] Fri Oct 20 2006 10:00:49 EDT from Groo the Wanderer @ Uncensored

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(Dublin is where I got it.)  It really is good stuff.  I don't end up coughing up crap.  I would normaly start coughing up crap when I drink too much corn syrup drinks.

It was rather unpleasant.  I would choke in the middle of the night.  This stuff taists so clean and crisp it's great.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 15:53:10 EDT from mightbme @ Haven BBS

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Getting back to WW, I was a member in the 80's which taught me a lot about portion size. But the concept of a serving size of vegetables being 1/2 cup is really only so you can estimate your intake.

There's a book out entitled Real Food and the 1/2 c. serving is one of the things the author disses. Her parents went from being academics to farmers when she was a kid and they ate huge amounts of the veggies they raised. That's another think I heard at a WW meeting: "You can eat as much as you want as long as it's fruit and veggies." Better to make it veggies tho, as fruit contains fructose.

Here's a question: What do you all think of diet drinks that use sucralose (Splenda) for a sweetener? I practically never drink regular soft drinks any more (the corn syrup-loaded type).

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 16:01:03 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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I got a mineral water cooler, and I drink mostly mineral water.

keep it out of your keyboard

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 16:08:43 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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i went to canter's on fairfax yesterday. i had half a knish and big ol' bowl of matzoh ball soup, washed down with a dr. brown's cel-ray (they didn't have diet, so i got a regular, but you know it's cel-ray - i *had* to).

i forgot i was in california :)

tril will be sad to know that it is NOT a kosher deli though. which was actually rather convenient as matt wanted grilled cheese on challah.

so i was like eing at the second ave deli and kiev at the same time :)

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 16:10:26 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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lol. I do try to keep the mineral water out of my kb. the fact that I have a desktop, however, means that I can always just buy a new one and be all instantly replaced.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 17:00:25 EDT from Ladyhawke @ Uncensored

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I actually like the Splenda - so far it tastes the closest to real sugar (slightly sweeter) and without a weird aftertaste.  Also, it's safe for diabetics - which although I'm not one, seems like a good thing.  Plus, because it tastes so close to real sugar, I've actually been able to wean myself nearly completely off the real stuff - which is good for the weight loss.

Hummus, however, is not.  *sadness* 

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 19:40:29 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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i don
't have any evidence to support this assertion, but i think that artificial sweetners may confuse your body a little, particularly in the context late afternoon hunger. i know that i'm better off drinking coffee with a little sugar in it than diet coke when 4pm rolls around, unless i'm eating some fruit in which case i'd probably drink tea.

but anyway, aside from that... i think splenda is probably the best tasting artificial sweetner. i think it works well in a fruity context. i think it's too sweet for cola. (it makes any diet cola taste like diet pepsi). a couple of years ago in montreal i had a diet coke that had oth nutrasweet and splenda, and that was a good balance. the diet coke with splenda i've had in the us doesn't taste the same.

[#] Sat Oct 21 2006 19:42:51 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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Oct 21 2006 4:10pm from triLcat @uncnsrd
lol. I do try to keep the mineral water out of my kb. the fact that
I have a desktop, however, means that I can always just buy a new one
and be all instantly replaced.

i'm trying that approach with the laptop but when i called dell they said something absurd like it would take them 48 hrs to tell me if it was in stock. and then there's this gem of a keyboard i carry around for the letter b...

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 00:20:47 EDT from mightbme @ Haven BBS

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Look up the Virtually Indestuctable Keyboard sometime.

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 00:23:32 EDT from mightbme @ Haven BBS

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Ah, but we have a regional soda called Ale 8-1 which is a ginger ale, more or less. It's not very sweet and when they came out with a diet variety recently they used Splenda, and didn't go overboard with it. Tastes good.

I tried an imported ginger beer the other day. I've always wished that ginger ale had more ginger but SHEESH that Fentimans was too much! But then, it also had capsicum added which made it pretty hot.

Next thing on my list to try is stevia. Wonder if I can get it at the local food coop or Wild Oats?

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 00:24:55 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Nadia: Do you recall the name of that Greek place on the northwest corner of Gower and Melrose?
I can't remember the name but it was one of my favorite spots for lunch. (the actual "Sunset Grill"
was kind of disappointing when I was there.) Made for a great song tho'. :)

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 00:41:46 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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never been to it, though i had to have driven by it yesterday

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 00:56:11 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Well, it had great food. A full Greek menu with gyros and everthing else good and even flame
grilled burgers. (best I had in a long time) It was right across Gower from the lower corner of
Gower Studios. Just up the street was Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

[#] Sun Oct 22 2006 03:01:30 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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i think they have it at trader joe's.

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