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[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 08:32:30 EST from Artee

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I usually use ssh. I just tried ssh and telnet but couldn't get in.

Since I'm moving in May, I don't mind connecting via a different server until then. I won't be an Insight customer after that. (Either Cox or Qwest. I hate Qwest).

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 09:25:26 EST from Freakdog

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Try it again...just redid the order of the Insight rules...I thought about it, earlier, thinking that the rules I have in there to block Insight were before the rule to let you in, and I was thinking I needed to have your rule first.

So, I just reversed them.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 09:48:33 EST from Artee

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That worked! Thanks Freakdog. Now I can connect directly and save a step.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 11:10:08 EST from Freakdog

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Do me a favor, though, eh? Let me know if/when you move off of Insight, so I can close that hole back up.

Eventually, I'll be moving to DSL, on which I'll be allowed to run servers, and I'll remove the Insight blockage, completely. <G>

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 11:29:48 EST from Artee

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No problem. I'll be moving sometime in May but I'll let you know when I cut off the Insight account.

Then I have to decide whether Cox or Qwest is the lesser of two evils.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 12:27:46 EST from Freakdog

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Heh...where are you moving to?

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 14:35:42 EST from Artee

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I'm moving to Phoenix. I lived there from 73-93, I'm just finally going back. It's a much bigger city now.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 14:54:11 EST from Freakdog

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I was born there...lived for a few months in Scottsdale. Parents were living there before my father went to Vietnam.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 16:55:36 EST from Artee

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If you don't mind the heat, I think it's a pretty nice place. I really miss hiking, camping and off roading in the desert. Here in Kentucky (and alot of other places) everywhere is somebody's private property. My backyard is too small for exploring. I've already seen the whole thing (everytime I mow it).

I pretty much grew up there, so it's the place that seems like home to me.
Plus, I can afford a reasonable house there, as opposed to the postage stamp lot I have here. I'm going from a tiny lot with a small two story house to a ranch house on almost an acre for less money.

I take it you don't really have a memory of living there? It's a much bigger city than it was back then, but once you get out of town, it's still mostly nothing but desert.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 23:53:01 EST from Freakdog

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Nope...I was born in December, 1967, and moved in February, 1968.

[#] Fri Feb 20 2004 23:46:49 EST from mightbme

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Artee, for heaven's sake, have you never been to the REd River Gorge?? geesh. You can camp off the forest service roads more or less for free (have to pay a permit fee these days, so they can afford to haul trash out) and hike all over the place too.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2004 13:53:18 EST from Artee

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No, I haven't been there. I did do some camping with a friend from Knoxville.
Nice places to camp, beautiful scenery, near the KY-TN border east end of the states. But there were alot of other campers around. It was fun and I had a great time, but it didn't compare at all with being able to stand on a mountain in AZ and look every direction for miles and see no sign that humans had ever walked the earth.

I think Kentucky is a beautiful state, but I really enjoy getting way out into desolate places and exploring. I finally sold my 4x4 because I never got to use it here. I do plan to buy a truck again when I get back to AZ.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2004 13:56:44 EST from Artee

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Freakdog: It seems that I could access fine the day you made changes to allow my IP address through, but the next day I can't access anymore.

I'm jumping through another server again to access.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2004 14:12:07 EST from Freakdog

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Sorry 'bout that...forgot to save the new rule(s) in the default firewall script, so when I rebooted, after the kernel upgrade on the server, the rule wasn't in place to let you in.

I've fixed it.

[#] Sat Feb 21 2004 14:19:35 EST from Artee

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Thanks, Freakdog. Works great again. Makes my life just a tiny bit easier this way. :)

[#] Sat Feb 21 2004 15:15:10 EST from Freakdog

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Didja ever notice that?

[#] Wed Feb 25 2004 00:40:47 EST from terrorist

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... that Jehova's go out in pairs or more?

[#] Wed Feb 25 2004 06:31:35 EST from Freakdog

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...that although that's true, they don't always show up at your door, that way?

[#] Wed Sep 08 2004 05:10:20 EDT from terrorist

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. . . politicians are finally beginning to wear something other than red ties?

[#] Wed Jul 20 2005 18:17:04 EDT from curly surmudgeon

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. . . that people with leaf blowers never pick up the garbage they blow out into the street?
Do they think it just disappears?  Do they think at all?