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[#] Fri Apr 13 2001 12:48:46 EDT from Yak She Mayesh

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DidjaEverNotice that you see the world more clearly when you have a bad hangover.
And also, the world seems like a nastier place than you remembered it.

[#] Tue Jul 08 2003 23:30:42 EDT from terrorist

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... cops who speed while _not_ in pursuit of the law?

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 08:08:11 EDT from Freakdog

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(All the time)

4 year olds only do what they're told when they want they want something from you, or when you've threatened them with a spanking?

[#] Wed Jul 09 2003 17:26:47 EDT from terrorist

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... cops grit their teeth when you tell them, "I didn't give you permission to enter my car."

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 08:45:52 EDT from IU King

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I just noticed that after being on Haven that I read the same Networked rooms again and again. I suppose I should zap them.

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 10:02:18 EDT from Freakdog

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(Probably...I've done the same over on Haven. <G>)

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 13:09:31 EDT from IU King

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Ah, so that's how you keep from going insane.

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 13:11:14 EDT from Freakdog

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(Too late for that)

[#] Wed Jul 16 2003 14:30:54 EDT from terrorist

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[#] Thu Jul 17 2003 08:21:04 EDT from IU King

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"What is this? An Abbott and Costello routine??" --Jerry Seinfeld

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 12:32:14 EST from Artee

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That I can't get to from here? Oh, you didn't notice?
Only I notice that? That makes sense.

I have to telnet to another server and then ssh to get here. Wah for me.

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 12:38:03 EST from Arjay

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How odd. :)

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 12:40:08 EST from Mystee

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Try telnetting into instead? :)

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 12:47:08 EST from Arjay

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I telnet to all the time. :)

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 13:20:23 EST from Freakdog

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I suppose that depends on what, if any, errors you're getting. What does a traceroute show?

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 18:16:16 EST from Artee

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Traceroute never gets out of my ISP's system (it appears). I jump around '' for a while and then go on to endless '* * *'.
Traceroute makes it there and shows me the path from other servers (not

The name resolves to an IP address fine, same address for but can't get there from here. I've never been able to, this isn't new, just something to complain about because I was bored.

So, it appears the problem is at my ISP end, not at the bbs end. I'm moving anyway so I won't care after April. Now everybody knows the extreme lengths I go to to get here! Imagine the stress and planning I go through!

[#] Wed Feb 18 2004 20:20:54 EST from Freakdog

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Not necessarily, Artee...depends on the IP from which you're originating.
I'm blocking a particular block of IPs, and others could be blocked...I'd need to see what IP you're trying to get here, from, in order to help.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 00:40:34 EST from Artee

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That makes sense. I'm originating from It's not really a problem for me, but if it is blocked and easy to unblock that might be nice.

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 06:38:21 EST from Freakdog

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print]'re an Insight customer, too...I blocked Insight's IP block(s) sot in order to avoid getting nailed for running services on my residential connection...especially since they don't offer a commercial/business grade package. I saw, in this morning's logwatch report, that that IP had been dropped 7 times.

Do you prefer to telnet, ssh or use the citadel client?

[#] Thu Feb 19 2004 06:40:58 EST from Freakdog

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(BTW...give it a try, now, and let me know if you make it in, directly)