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[#] Tue May 28 2002 19:01:37 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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the worst was when i was looking at upcoming movies on scifi once and i thought "hey, they're going to show fist of the north star" and then i actually tune in and....

[#] Tue May 28 2002 19:39:23 EDT from per @ Haven BBS

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Felix: I tend to side towards Pure Treason, on that one..*shuddering at the memory* Tho, I'll admit, I did freak myself out by recognizing the kid who played Rufio in "Hook" in it...

[#] Thu May 30 2002 14:56:34 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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I'm going to A-Kon 13 in Dallas this weekend.
R is dressing up as Miyu. I'm going as me.

I had heard rumors that Fist of the North
Star episode translations might be in the
works. I remember reading (well, looking
at the pictures) the Manga in Japanese
when I was a kid. I also watched the show
on Taiwanese television with a friend of
mine. Japanese voices, Hanzi subtitles...
we had NO idea what anyone was saying.

We called it "Knuckle Joe". Don't ask me
why, I just don't know.

[#] Tue Jun 04 2002 17:19:25 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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The convention went well, except that I'm broke now. %^(

Con-goers packed the entire Hyatt hotel and at least two of the runoff hotels
because I got stuck in the Harvey. That would have been fine except that Harvey
shuttles didn't run as frequently as the other hotels' shuttles did.

Anyway, I took a few photos of the cosplay people and such. I haven't gone
through and edited down to civilized resolutions, rotated the ones that need
rotation, cropped the ones that need cropping, etc., though. Maybe I'll get
around to doing that tonight.

For the curious with good bandwidth:

[#] Tue Jun 04 2002 17:22:12 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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I got the Tenchi Universe set, Spriggan, Excel Saga and three tapes of
subtitled Fist of the North Star episodes in addition to various and
sundry other goodies like a chibi Cthulu and some nifty clothes. %^)

[#] Tue Jun 04 2002 20:39:02 EDT from Ally @ Uncensored

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I know a bunch of people that were there...Tribe addicts.
They SAY they missed me, but I don't believe it.

[#] Wed Jun 05 2002 10:00:56 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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I never made it around to the LAN gaming room. I kept meaning to, but there
were only three days in the weekend.

[#] Wed Jun 05 2002 13:59:35 EDT from Jelloman @ Haven BBS

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Awww... c'mon! The BEST anime -> live-action film was The Guyver! ;)

[#] Fri Jun 07 2002 15:01:58 EDT from felix @ Uncensored

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[#] Tue Aug 27 2002 09:08:32 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I think we need to see more work from the land of Anvilania.

[#] Tue Oct 29 2002 11:26:59 EST from JackShot @ Haven BBS

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I can't possibly be the only one out there. Let's get this party moving again. :)

Anyone seen anything good lately?

Anyone out there trade or collect anime related mp3 or mpg files?

For that matter, anyone out there know of a good (read: free) news server that gets the anime binaries groups?

Anyone (in Indiana) interested in getting together occasionally to watch stuff?

[#] Tue Oct 29 2002 12:30:43 EST from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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I've been finally watching my BGC2040 DVDs, and I did pick up the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack not that long ago. OTher than that, not much going on...

[#] Tue Oct 29 2002 15:13:47 EST from JackShot @ Haven BBS

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How is 2040? I haven't watched it yet. Looks interesting

[#] Tue Oct 29 2002 15:27:17 EST from Ally @ Uncensored

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I got about 9 zillion cds from a friend of mine lately--it's all the lain music and all the Bebop music..Saw all of Lain in TX and really really enjoyed up: His & Her only the first DVD out?

[#] Tue Oct 29 2002 15:55:43 EST from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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I'm liking it, but I am only on Disk 3. It is longer than BGC, and is tell ing more of a story. You are getting to know the characters more in this series than you did in the original.

[#] Wed Oct 30 2002 08:27:06 EST from JackShot @ Haven BBS

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Ian: Cool. May have to look into that.

Ally: How much of Lain is there?

I started watching second season Rayearth last night. Picked up the DVD box set this past weekend. I'm kinda cheesed. They took the second opening song out and replaced it with the third (Granted, in my mind, third opening is the best, but it would have showed up anyway in a couple eps.)

[#] Wed Oct 30 2002 11:01:38 EST from sneakums @ Uncensored

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I've seen the Bebop movie, which I enjoyed. That's about all the anime I've seen.

[#] Wed Oct 30 2002 11:27:42 EST from Ally @ Uncensored

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I think there are fourteen episodes, I could be off by one or two..ask truffle :P

[#] Wed Oct 30 2002 15:39:19 EST from JackShot @ Haven BBS

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That makes sense to me Ally. I hadn't thought Lain was that large, but when you made your original post, I started thinking maybe it was much larger and I just wasn't aware of it.

[#] Wed Oct 30 2002 16:43:24 EST from Ian M. Shot @ Haven BBS

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Well I know Lain is 4 DVDs. I can't remember how many eps are on each DVD, but 4 per DVD sounds about right.

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