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[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 16:23:33 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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SBC strikes again, locally.... Jerks. If they'd have called me they wouldn't have that problem. If I can make the Arco arena in Sacramento sound good for *everyone* at all levels during the Billy Grahm crusade I suppose a comedy show in S.A. wouldn't have posed that much of a challenge. Jerks. ;^)

[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 16:36:07 EDT from 2Dog @ Uncensored

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Oops! Forgot about the *annoying* and gratuitous log-in page. So I've copied the page to girthta's folder. No log-in required. New tinyurl =

SBC strikes again, locally....

Jerks. If they'd have called me they wouldn't have that problem. If I can make the Arco arena in Sacramento sound good for *everyone* at all levels during the Billy Grahm crusade I suppose a comedy show in S.A. wouldn't have posed that much of a challenge. Jerks. ;^)

[#] Mon Jul 26 2004 21:58:45 EDT from nadia @ Uncensored

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thanks t - it actually looks like the tascam is the same price ($200) at sweetwater.

[#] Thu Jul 29 2004 13:19:56 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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what did we do this time?
I'm on a phone call right now, where apparently our new CRM system knocks people off the net of they attempt some kind of change on their account.

[#] Thu Sep 02 2004 19:59:48 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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I'm trying to master an album and for many of the songs only have access to
kind-of mastered two-track mixes. I need to increase the program density a
bit on some of them, but the previous mastering process brought all the
peaks up to about -0.00001dB, so I'm out of headroom. Compression needs to
be so heavy to have an effect that the audible degradation is unacceptible.

So I'm looking for something that will change gain only below a certain
threshold. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I don't have time to
write one.


[#] Sat Sep 04 2004 16:03:10 EDT from Campagnolo @ MCM Groups

Subject: Pinnacle Systems

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Has anyone here used Pinnacle Systems software for video editing. (studio/liquid/etc...)  I would be interested in hearing enduser views on the software/hardware/support.

[#] Mon Sep 06 2004 20:00:19 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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I've heard it's decent and I can ask my brother for more info, but you're
probably better off sticking with Avid (check out their FreeDV product if
you're doing DV) or Final Cut Pro.

[#] Sat Sep 11 2004 17:25:33 EDT from Nite*Star @ Uncensored

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Sombody in their marketing department obviously wasn't thinking...

[#] Thu Sep 16 2004 15:21:11 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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hey, check this out:
Okay, guy,s need your help here.
the radio4 webpag says Each episode will be available for 7 days following the Thursday evening repeats.
Does anybody know if there's a way to get the bbc radio broadcast in the U.S.? witout having xm or satellite which I don't?
they're going to ahve a stream avaialble on the web, but I'm going to assume half the planet is going to be killing their servers, so I'd like to be able to download it somehow and listen off lin.
Anybody know about current streaming technologies and what can be downloaded?

[#] Thu Sep 16 2004 18:42:06 EDT from IO ERROR @ Uncensored

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Looks like they use RealPlayer. Those can be downloaded if you're willing to put a little effort into it.

[#] Thu Sep 16 2004 20:23:00 EDT from arabella @ Uncensored

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All the beeb webstations do indeed use RealPlayer, not sure about downloading tho' However, their servers are pretty sturdy, for best results tho' try at off-peak times, I rarely have difficulties between 00:00 and 02:00 BST 

[#] Fri Sep 17 2004 10:32:07 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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right, I'm willing to put a little effort forth.
Last time I tried it I couldn't make it go.
they give you a file with a url in it of a protocol my friend Mr. W. Get can't download.
Or are you talking about recording from the wav device>?

[#] Mon Apr 25 2005 23:36:34 EDT from isoroku @ Uncensored

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I'm looking for a decent set of headphones to connect to my laptop. I want some that are of the over-the-ear style to help keep outside noise out. I don't need super high quality, just something to use for listening to music while I work. Looking in the $30-50 price range.

[#] Mon Apr 25 2005 23:38:34 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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I have a pair of Sony MDR-V150s. This is my 2nd pair. Sound great, they insulate sound very well (both outside noise and keeping the music in), and they're remarkably comfortable IMO. About $20 at Walmart/Target/BustBuy.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 00:13:32 EDT from isoroku @ Uncensored

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ok, cool. That was one of the models I was looking at. The other were the Sennheiser HD-202, which run about $30. I had read mixed reviews on the Sonys, so wasn't sure about them.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 01:04:50 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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Yeah, i'm quite happy with 'em. Usually @work (in the office) I use iPod or similar in-the-ear headphones so I can still hear what's going on around me. In the shop iPod runs through a pair of computer speakers. At home I use the Sonys to block out parental noise . And I tend to llistsen to my music louder at home than I normally do anywhere aside form in my truck.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 16:57:03 EDT from vermilion @ Uncensored

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Does anyone know of a good service that converts PAL VHS tapes to NTSC? New York City local would be ideal, and I'm hoping to find a place that won't bankrupt me...

I've got this stack of videos of Italian TV's footage of the fencing events from last year's Olympic games (my godfather is a marvellous man and taped NINE hours of fencing for me!) and I would dearly love to be able to watch them.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 16:59:00 EDT from vermilion @ Uncensored

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(That said, if one of you guys here in NYC or Uncensoredland happens to have a PAL-NTSC conversion deck, I would love to work out some kind of deal...)


[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 17:56:17 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] and are in the
city. I'll ask some of my TV production friends for a recommendation.

Did fencing just not air at all here? I scour the schedules for it every
time and have literally never located more than 20 minutes in any Olympics,
and none at all for the last two.

[#] Tue Apr 26 2005 17:57:19 EDT from Mr.T @ Uncensored

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BTW, only use Tobin as a last resort. The guy is an incompetent sleazy dirty
old man.

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