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[#] Sun May 10 2009 22:05:18 EDT from Freakdog @ Dog Pound BBS II

Subject: Nice

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Mine's a little dated, but works...does Dolby Digital 5.1 and ProLogic, has 2 digital inputs (which is really all I need).

I just picked up a "home kit" for my Sirius radio, so that I can play it in the house, as'll give me a chance, finally, to listen to my team play football on Sundays, without having to work with buggy and broken internet streaming.

I'll say far, satellite radio beats the daylights out of what I've seen of satellite television.

[#] Mon May 11 2009 00:20:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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We bought a kitchen TV (an under the counter flip-down LCD model) for my TV addict wife as a mother's day gift. It's a nice little set, with a built in DVD player and FM radio. Since there was no way we were going to put a DirecTV receiver in the kitchen, I gave her a couple of options for how it would get hooked up. Switching to cable was one of them, but since cable continues to drop channels from their non-settop-box lineup, we expect that this won't really be useful.

I thought she'd opt for duplicating the signal from the living room TV, which has a TiVo. But she actually wanted to duplicate the signal from the bedroom TV so she could linger in the kitchen with her own shows while the kids monopolize the living room set.

This means the next purchase will be a remote control extender. Are they all UHF based?

[#] Mon May 11 2009 11:19:56 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That's a nice one. I like the idea of firing the signal back through the coax. It's a little pricey though.

[#] Tue May 12 2009 12:09:30 EDT from BOFHMike @ My Castle Wall

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IG,  Dish Network (as much as I hate them) has a line of dual tv receivers.  You will have to run coax from the box to the 2nd set, BUT the 2nd set uses a UHF remote with a fiar (well over 50') range. I'm not sure what the quality o the picture is on the 2nd TV, but it's compatable with any 'Cable Ready" tv.  The models used to be 322 and 822,  but with the advent of DVR's I think the numbers have changed.  I'd guess that DirectTV has somthing similar.

[#] Tue May 12 2009 14:04:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That still counts as two receivers on your bill, doesn't it? I have a DirecTV TiVo with dual tuners but that only counts as a single receiver because you can't run two independent screens from it.

I have a multiswitch and a spare receiver. Equipment and wiring isn't the issue; I just don't want to spend an additional $10 per month to add two more receivers.

[#] Tue May 12 2009 16:59:31 EDT from BOFHMike @ My Castle Wall

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Tue May 12 2009 14:04:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar@uncnsrd (Uncensored)

That still counts as two receivers on your bill, doesn't it? I have a DirecTV TiVo with dual tuners but that only counts as a single receiver because you can't run two independent screens from it.

I have a multiswitch and a spare receiver. Equipment and wiring isn't the issue; I just don't want to spend an additional $10 per month to add two more receivers.

Should only be $5 extra for the twin receiver unless they've changed their priceing in the past year. Still better the cable in most places.

[#] Thu May 14 2009 09:54:07 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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For now I think we'll just go with a remote control extender. The one Ragnar posted looks very cool but it's a bit pricey. Aside from that, there's also the issue that I don't want to crowd my kitchen counter with repeaters, power taps, etc.

There are some models that simply convert your IR remote to a UHF remote, so the only repeater needed is at the receiving side. The transmitter replaces one of the batteries in the remote. I like the idea of having the repeater onboard with the remote, but the constant switching out of batteries sounds tedious. The repeater actually has a small rechargeable battery inside it to make up the voltage from the battery it replaces.

[#] Sun Jun 07 2009 00:42:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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The @#$$^^%*^$% dish is malfunctioning again. Got half a mind to just order cable instead of figuring out why neither television is getting a clear signal.
I checked the dish, swapped the LNB, and looked at the connectors that came loose last time we had trouble ... nothing this time.

It's be an easy choice if analog cable was going to continue, but The Cable Company just announced that they're phasing out analog service by the end of the year. Pretty soon there won't be any options left for running those extra televisions without a box.

[#] Sun Jun 07 2009 21:09:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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!#$%&*)*&%@. Bypassed the muktiswitch, tried different receivers in different locations, replaced a set of connectors with a hardwired (and soldered!) splice ... nothing.

DirecTV wants to charge me $50 for a truck roll.

Despite being told that my next call would be to the cable company, they wouldn't waive the charge, even though I did all the basic troubleshooting myself. Looks like my run with DirecTV has come to an end. Might as well ditch the DSL too at this point.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 08:28:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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(The word in the previous post should be "multiswitch" not "muktiswitch," although the latter has a nice ring to it.)

A casual survey of my neighbors at the school bus stop this morning revealed that FiOS is quite popular around here. I had assumed it would be more expensive than cable. Must look into this.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 11:33:56 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Monochrome tried out FIOS and got rid of it within 3 days.. You might want to talk to him about his experiences.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 13:27:16 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Hm.. I'd be interested in why FiOS isn't so hot. I have been lead to believe it's extremely nice.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 13:47:08 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Aahz: please ping Mono and tell him to get over here and post the sordid details of his experience.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 15:32:32 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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What you mean you're not following the play by play on his FACEBOOK account? <GRIN> What about his twitter ramblings about it?

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 15:35:44 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 18:05:17 EDT from monochrome @ Uncensored

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I've been gone so long I got eaten by the DAP!

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 18:16:02 EDT from monochrome @ Uncensored

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OK, When looking at the different options for phone/internet/tv one must accept that phone works or it don't (pickup phone and get dialtone) and internet works or it don't (connect to or don't) :-) so assume that phone and internet works on all solutions. We can discuss speed, but generally they're all fast enough.

So it's a question of television. For me (us) it's primarily a question of the DVR. If you're not a DVR person then FiOS is probably fine. 1080i picture, which is same as CV and DTV (although DTV does have limited 1080p) so the picture is the same. There is some degree of compression between them all but generally they look all the same. BUT.... Verizon's DVR sucks! Sure, part of it is that we're used to DTV's DVR, but it still sucks! First, it's small. We were getting at best 10-15 hours of HD programming. The UI is slow, and difficult to navagate, and programming sucks. Don't rememeber all the shortcomings, but there were many. Oh, and FiOS supports multi-room (record in one room, watch in another -- way cool) EXCEPT the other room can't be a DVR, it's got to be a non-DVR STB. Also, see comment that the recorder is _small_ I can't store my own stuff on 15 hours, they want me to record stuff for my kids too? Not!

On to CV... Well, their DVR sucks more than FiOS's! I couldn't beleive it until I saw it. Looks like something some highschool programmer threw together in the mid 90s. I don't even know where to begin. I completely understand people that have CV and tell me they don't use the DVR. No shit! I wouldn't use it either. Sorry, 'bout all I can say about it.

So what did we do? Got tripple play from CV just because it was cheap! We had previously been TV from DTV, phone frmo Verizon and internet from CV, so anything was an improvement. But the guy gave us tripple play for something like $60/month incl. taxes. However, we kept DTV for our TV. Nothing beats it (and I like that I can expand the DVR (eSata) and I can get DVR upgrades if I reboot at the right time (beta testing) and I'm starting to get 1080p.

In short, if you use the DVR DTV is your only choice. If you don't use the DVR then get whatever is cheapest.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 20:19:26 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Ah, okay.

Then, if I could ever get Verizon to put FiOS in our community, I should go with them, as I don't care about television at all.  I just want the snappy internet.

[#] Mon Jun 08 2009 21:14:58 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Ah. Ok, we don't particularly care about high definition; our best television is a 32" standard-def CRT and we have no plans to upgrade. But we do make heavy use of our DVR; we have one of the TiVo models that DirecTV used to offer before they decided that it didn't suck enough and switched to their own brand. I upgraded the hard disk and it's got plenty of capacity.

So I came home tonight and noticed the red LED on the box which indicates that it's recording something. Ran the signal meter ... and quite a lot of the signal strength has returned. WTF?!? I can only guess that perhaps something got wet and is now starting to dry out ... but the only exposed connection was the one that I replaced with a soldered splice (on both cables) yesterday with no improvement. The tech support script reader said that perhaps the dish went bad, but I don't believe that. It's just a piece of metal. Unless something hit it and it got dented, it can't go bad. The LNB going bad I can believe, but I already tried swapping that out.

So it's working just well enough right now that I'll probably procrastinate for a while and see what happens. Knowing that other DVR's suck is of course an argument in favor of sticking with DirecTV if I can make it work.

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