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[#] Thu Apr 20 2000 01:01:00 EDT from Mike Hopkins @ JACS

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Your what?

[#] Sat Apr 22 2000 00:59:00 EDT from Artifice_Gordon @ MN-Mensa

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Uh, never mind. Local stuff.

[#] Sat Apr 22 2000 19:16:22 EDT from Wolfclaw @ Dog Pound BBS II

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You did WHAT, with your WHAT!?

[#] Sun Apr 23 2000 10:02:00 EDT from 3Jacks @ C-86 Test System

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Mike Hopkins -- is their still a Rupert Beer brewery up in the Bronx? Or has it been bought up by some conglomerate?

And how are you? Haven't seen your posts for a long time. :0

[#] Mon Apr 24 2000 13:21:00 EDT from Artifice_Gordon @ MN-Mensa

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There is a micro brewery in the Bronx, called the Bronx Brewery or something similar. Their products should tasty, but they're not for sale here. I guess that's another reason for me to head to the town so nice they named it twice.

[#] Mon Apr 24 2000 22:03:00 EDT from 3Jacks @ C-86 Test System

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I'll sample that next week and/or the second week in May. Let you know, how 'tos' (how 'tis), AG. :)

[#] Tue May 23 2000 19:21:00 EDT from Mark @ JACS

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Sounds like fun!

[#] Wed May 24 2000 18:13:00 EDT from 3Jacks @ C-86 Test System

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Never made it there. But I did walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. :0

[#] Wed Oct 11 2000 15:13:00 EDT from Mark @ JACS

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Hadn't any homebrews in the last few months, but the store-bought types are still delicious to consume!

[#] Wed Oct 11 2000 16:58:00 EDT from Mike Hopkins @ JACS

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Once I clear room in my basement, I'll brew more.

[#] Mon May 31 2004 09:19:53 EDT from Campagnolo @ MCM Groups

Subject: Network Seed - ignore

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hops and barley seed

[#] Mon Sep 13 2004 15:52:29 EDT from Campagnolo @ MCM Groups

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Is anyone still bothering to brew their own?  Or has the multitude of micro-brews killed the home market?

[#] Thu Mar 20 2008 14:41:53 EDT from seniorpartners @ Heretic Flambe

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I always wanted to brew my own beer, but I never had the pre-requsite about of time to do it. I know people still do, just not here, because there's a really large home-brew store near where I work.

[#] Wed Jul 16 2008 22:19:02 EDT from simplygorgeous @ My Castle Wall

Subject: homebrew

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We have tryed 3 lots of homebrew now ..and just trying to find one tha taste the best ........the whole set up to buy is pretty cheap too ..

..but as we found out its best to use the plastic bottles in stead of the glass ones ..

casue in one box had to explode and it sets off a chain reation and blew the others up too lmao lmao what a huge mess and smell too lol

but now the novelty has worn off so we have a lot of full botles just sitting around in the back corner of the shed ... its a taste you have to get use too ..and i dont think we ever did

so one homebrewing kit ..give away in australia lol

[#] Fri Jul 18 2008 14:29:50 EDT from King Midas @ Haven BBS

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I've been trying to make ginger beer recently, but haven't been successful.
The first batch fermented well, but had a slimey, snotty consistency. The second batch didn't seem to ferment at all. The third time, the culture just petered out before I could even make the full batch. Now I'm on attempt number four. I tried this several years ago, and it only worked the first time.
I feel like I must be cursed never to enjoy homebrewed ginger beer. :-)

[#] Fri Jul 18 2008 19:42:08 EDT from mightbme @ Haven BBS

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I found a recipe on WikiHow on making ginger "ale" but it's so fermented that I got a buzz off it. :D